I can remember how, as a teenager, I was concerned I would struggle to have children. For no particular reason, but it seemed to come true later on.


When, after my PhD, my partner and I decided to start a family, nothing happened for what seemed like ages. I was at the time, a medical research scientist and had access to all the scientific publications I could possibly need and spent many hours in the library, reading whatever I could get my hands on that could help me get pregnant.


And after a year, it happened.


Looking back, with the knowledge I now have, I can understand that many things worked in my favour that month. Not least the fact that I had reduced my stress levels because I felt I was making progress.


Later, I changed career and became an antenatal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust and met many couples who had similar experiences. So many couples told me stories of booking for IVF for example, then going on holiday and coming back pregnant. Or others adopting a child after many years of trying, only to get pregnant a few months later.


All these stories were pointing to the importance of our mind-body connection and how we shouldn’t only look after the physical sides of falling pregnant.


When I became a cognitive hypnotherapist, I was particularly interested in helping couples get pregnant. I trained with Russell Davis and Gordon Mullins specifically on using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for fertility and became one of the first three BabyQuest practitioners in the UK. My studies at University where I got a Masters in Physiology and a PhD in Neuroscience have prepared me well to help people achieve pregnancy. I am looking forward to meeting you and finding out how I can help you move from infertility to pregnancy.

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